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My Guster Field Trip

I wish I had some great "I flew to Europe to see them story," but while the distance is shorter I think my story is pretty cool. I spent my 25th birthday at a Chicago Guster concert. I think it may actually have been my best birthday ever. I'm always on the look out for nearby Guster shows. Of course when I saw that they would be playing in Chicago on my birthday it was a no brainer. I would have to go on my own, but it would be so worth it. I ordered my tickets, booked my train trip, and made reservations at the Hostel in the Loop.

It was my first experience with Amtrak, and it wasn't a bad one. We had a few slow moments, but we still made it into Chicago on time. They were able to check me into the hostel early. One weird thing was the assigned your bed and I ended up on the top bunk. This comes into play later.

I walked around the neighborhood and ended up getting stuck in the rain. My one pair of shoes (remember I'm staying in a hostel) were sandals with lea…