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My Ultimate Keepsakes

If my place was on fire, I would be heartbroken. If there was time after I got the birds and my laptop out, there are a few things I would like to grab.
Red Table
It is one of the last antiques I bought with my parents.
Base Rocker and matching chair
They were my mom's. She died in June and I they remind me of her.
Clover table
Same as number 2, but this one has a little bit more of an emotional attachment. Mom and I were looking for a similar table for me every time we went antiquing.
My Blanket
My mamaw made it for me when I was young. I finally grew into it when I grew up.
He's a stuffed dog. A huge stuffed dog. I've had him since I was smaller than him!

Halloween is Awesome

Yes I celebrate Halloween. I celebrate big every year.
It may be an understatement to say I love Halloween. I am a huge Halloween fan. I love scary movies (even the cheesy ones), costumes, the decorations and pretty much everything that makes the holiday.

I'll admit I watch the cheesy horror movie marathons all month long. I decorate my office. I spend most of the month of September thinking up the perfect costume and how I am going to make it unique.

I used to be goth...deep down I probably still am one I just don't dress the part anymore. I'm already all about the bats, dark eye make up, fun clothes, and totally unsensable boots/shoes. This just gives me an excuse to wear it all.

My favorite part of the holiday is the creativity. I love challenging myself to come up an amazing costume,and I love seeing what others come up with. This year will be no different. The costume, shoes and accessories are bought. Now I am just trying to settle on the eye make up.

Each year I am…

What If

I have been asking myself one question lately, but with different circumstances. "What if" has been plaguing me lately. How would things be different?
1) What if the doctors at Fulton County would have done their jobs?
2) What if KISS FM would have actually been taking the storm seriously and keeping their listeners informed instead of playing Lady Gaga?
3) What if I had been in mom's car?
4) What if I could have gotten to my cell phone?
5) What if she would have pulled over?

I keep playing these scenarios in my head. What would life be like now? My initial answer always is: She would still be alive. Dad may still be recovering, but he would have mom by his side. She would still be here to take care of us and keep this family together.

But here is the reality:
1 and 2: Okay these two are the ones that make me mad because these are the true ones. I will always blame Fulton County Health Center for my mother's death. Had they properly diagnosed Dad, we would not have…