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Thoughts for a Monday

Thoughts for a Monday

Some are positive…some are just ponderings…but here is what is on the old mind this week:

1) I am lucky to have a good job (that may be slowing pushing me towards another level of insanity…but it works for now), business is good, and I have gained momentum on following up leads and working on big picture things. I just know that the next month or so is going to be rough. I need to start picking up little projects for spending money for Vegas. I need to stay focused when I am exhausted after a long day. I love how the fiction writing and business building is going, but I’m not taking on the little revenue generators like I should.

2) I need to remember to take *me* time…and to enjoy it. I love my side work. I treasure my time with my friends, but I need to remember to take some time for just me 

3) P3 is going into some crazy busy times. It should be interesting to see how things grow, morph and totally change in the coming months. I see many good things on the hori…

Pinecrest Diner might not be healthy, but it's tasty

It is a little hole in the wall diner on the edge of Union Square, and I love it. It is a great place to people watch during the day and grab a quick bite after a night out. You have to walk through dark hallways and stair wells to reach the restrooms (that can sometimes resemble to stall from the move Trainspotting), and I'm still not sure how that guy with a walker made it down there and back. is the Pinecrest Diner in all its brown Formica glory. Most everything they serve is fabulous, but I love their breakfasts the most. My favorite is the ham and cheese omelette. Give me a bottle of ketchup for the hashbrowns and grape jelly for my wheat toast, and I am happy girl.

It was my first meal upon landing in San Francisco, and something about it just brings back those memories. I was so excited to be there, and I couldn't wait to start my first, real, solo vacation. It is so bad for you. but I figure I walk off the calories during my stay.