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Fox and hound

Sound check time
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Movie I Could Watch on a Continuous Loop

I have too many movies that I would love to watch time and time again. It is actually a bad habit of mine. I can sit and watch certain movies time and time again. The Crow is just a great movie. The story is moving. The soundtrack is amazing. The scene where Sarah goes back to the loft to find Eric makes me cry every time. My favorite part has to be the cinematography. I love the way the movie was shot and edited.

A good friend needs to have honesty

When it comes to friends, I'm pretty selective about who I choose. However, once you are in, you are in for life as long as you follow some basic ground rules.
I need to be able to trust the people I surround myself with. Once I have a reason to doubt your honesty, our friendship is in jeopardy.
I am sarcastic. It is easier for to communicate with others who are also sarcastic. Plus it is more fun when we can laugh together.
I will be patient with you, and I expect the same in return.
Uses common sense
I'm not a huge fan of people who cannot function and use basic common sense. If you cannot grasp common sense and courtesy, I am not interested.
Must at least tolerate birds
I have six of them... three boys and three girls. You do not have to love them or even like them, but at least be able to be around them while at my house.
Not have it be all about you
I'm going to probably keep listening because it is a character flaw, but I'm not going t…