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Really, I'm a late comer to the internet world

I did not start using the internet until 1997 when I went to college. Yes, I did not have an e-mail address until I was 18. My parents aren't exactly technically inclined. We didn't have a computer until my senior year of high school. My school did not get "modern" (and I use that term VERY loosely) computers until my junior year...I think. We didn't have internet access at school. Even with our new computer at home, my parents did not think internet access was needed.

We bought a rebuilt PC for me to take to school. Almost as soon as it was connected to the network I was hooked. Our campus e-mail was on telnet. Yes, my first internet experience was with pine. Soon I was using telnet to get on IRC. Of course I took to the old chat rooms, and other primitive social sites pretty quickly. I even built a very sad looking web site using Angelfire (yes I know don't judge), and I managed to maintain it through college. The web site went unmaintained after I moved …

Songs I would gladly erase from the hard drive

There are many songs I wish I could expunge from my memory. There are even more I wish I could delete from every P3 Productions Hard Drive. They are songs I just dislike, I used to like but are overdone and songs that were okay until I heard them karaoked to death. What ever the reason is, I cannot stand these songs. Here are my top three.
Love Shack by The B-52's Really this song was only a minor annoyance before I started working for a DJ/Karaoke business. I admit to singing along to it at dances and weddings...but those days are long gone. Now I associate Love Shack with drunk girls screaming into the microphone. Even girls who sing well tend to morph into tone deaf singers. Then there is the task of finding a guy who actually knows the song, AND is willing to get up there and sing with them. The inability to d this has even led to *me* singing the guy's part. I seriously think we should make an adjustment to our song list: Love Shack can only be sang for a $2…