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Ear Piercing and Ice Cream

When I went away to college, one of the agreements I made with my parents was no piercings and no tattoos (BTW I am the only child that kept that promise...Adam got in a MAJOR fight with mom about it and had to take his piercing out though). It is only fitting that one of the last things Mom and I did together was go to get my cartilage pierced.

I was home last Memorial Day weekend. Amy's car was dead. Adam's was in the shop. Both of them AND my mom were using the CRV. Adam took the CRV to work that Monday, and I had taken Amy to work (at Claires). I had been contemplating getting my cartilage re pierced ( I had it done once when I first moved to Indy, but I had taken it out and it healed quickly). My sister offered to do it for me and use her discount (remember: She works at Claires). I was going to early to pick her up from work and while I was there have her take care of my ear. Mom didn't have to go with me, but last minute she decided to come. We piled in to the Kia a…