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Today, I should have seen the writing on the wall as soon as I walked in the door and suddenly I knew I was going to be sick. Eating typically makes me feel sick these days, but occasionally it really does make me ill. When the day starts like that...the day isn't looking good.

It was another rough day and COMPASS crashing, we had plenty of unhappy students and me being tired, sore and already stressed didn't help matters. After a few days like this, it is really easy to be selfish and really  feel sorry for myself.

On days like this: It is easy to remember all the times my dreams have been ripped out from underneath me. It is easy to remember all the times I wasn't good enough. It is easy to remember when the things I love and care about have been taken away from me.

It makes it hard to dream again.

Okay so I don't sleep well, and now I hardly sleep at all so how can I dream? Dreams aren't just something that happen while you sleep. They are the things that you hop…