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Happy New Year

Well the new year is here and it is a new and exciting time for me. There is a a great deal of work that has to be done. Sometimes I think I am crazy for taking on this all on, but I think that this is a good time to keep working and expanding my portfolio.

I do admit that between my real job, helping out my friend with his karaoke business, and some majorly huge amounts of writers block, I've been pretty quiet lately, but that is going to change! For a long time I was just totally uninspired. Nothing was wrong, and it wasn't like I was going through some awful drama, I just had nothing to write about. Blogs weren't happening, my fiction work went nowhere, and I just didn't feel like finding article work. No matter how hard I tried, it just didn't happen. I have no real explanation for it. I mean when I'm busy and more stressed, generally I'm more creative. My paid work might falter, but my fiction work flourishes. This time it brought everything to grindin…