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'The Stupidest Angel' will make you LOL

If you need a book that will keep you laughing, most any Christopher Moore book will do. However, my favorite will always be, The Stupidest Angel. Christopher Moore takes the horror genre and infuses it with an almost over the top sense of humor. His characters are endearing and the laughs never stop. Anyone who can make a story about a night not bright angel who reanimates a whole cemetery of zombies while trying to grant a little boy's wish to bring Santa back to life funny is a genius. Each character has a humorous element that kept my attention. Plus Eduardo the Fruit Bat makes his return to print in this classic!

My unforgettable trip from Indianapolis, IN to Wauseon, OH

This was not my longest drive by miles or even time, but those nine hours felt like an eternity. All I wanted was to get home for Christmas. I didn't know my usual three hour drive to my parent's house was going to become this huge undertaking. December 23, 2008 I loaded my five birds into my compact car. I put the three cockatiels in the back seat with my laundry basket. The parakeets were riding shot gun. We were all buckled in and ready for the open road. When I left work that day, I had no clue that I would be embarking on this adventure. I was just going home for Christmas. They had predicted some freezing rain, but that didn't worry me. I mean this is Indiana. Road crews would be prepared right? Yeah not so much.

By the time the birds and I made it to I-69, the interstate was closed in both directions. The reason: treacherous conditions. You see they didn't properly treat the roads, and now the salt trucks cannot get to the roads because of the traffic. Eventu… wouldn't have to pay me I willingly do karaoke

Many people are afraid to do karaoke. I am not one of those people. Actually, I get paid to sing karaoke 1-3 nights a week. Really it isn't that bad. I love to sing. I sing moderately well. Plus running the equipment and helping run the show is really fun. Breathless by The Corrs Um I wouldn't I sing it quite well. I do work for a DJ/ Karaoke business. Just A Girl by No Doubt It is a great song! It is in my range and it is upbeat. Stay by Lisa Loeb Why not?? It is a good song. Yes, it is a little tricky to learn the rhythm, but once you do it just clicks.

Omitted-- A long forgotten fiction intro

A while back I was about writing this piece about a girl falls for her best friend's hospice social worker only to find out he has a girl friend. Well then my mood and perspective changed. I kept the basics of the storyline, but I changed some of the darker elements. That being said, I had already written a killer intro for a story that just isn't going anywhere right now.

This may seem a little obvious, but since I have been misunderstood before:

**DISCLAIMER** The following was written as FICTION. Yes some of the observations are spot on, but they are being applied to a totally made up situation. **End Disclaimer**

No you never lied. I never asked. However, you omitted something, well a few things that are deal breakers. I’m not surprised you broke my heart. It was bound to happen sometimes. I always wondered what you saw in me, and how long it would take before you would grow tired. I was ready for that to happen. I was not ready to find out you had a girlfriend and th…