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Parakeet Wrangling

I recently went to purchase a new parakeet. I'm not usually all about the pet stores, but we needed a new girl…so it had to be done. I went into the store, and after careful observation (it took forever…of course I would show up at flock nap time. They were all asleep or starting to doze off. That makes it hard to just pick a bird.), I made my decision. After asking the employee some questions…he couldn't answer but a co-worker could he went to fetch the chosen parakeet. As he tried to catch her, another employee was telling me she wasn't tame, and began giving me the new bird owner lecture. I just sort of tuned her out, but I did at least pretend to listen. Pretty soon she decides to help him play fetch the parakeet. Another five-ten minutes go by, and I'm still without a parakeet.
Finally, I walk up to the gentleman and ask if I can help. Within seconds I have the chosen parakeet in a towel, and in my hands. I ask the shocked employees for a box and two cuttlebones, …