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Mid Week Writing Update

We are chalk full of fun this Wednesday...really we are. I'm very excited about all the progress.

The Emergency Animal Clinic failed to respond to my BBB complaint in the 15 day window. So for now, I'm in a holding pattern. Catch more on that here at the Waiting Game.

If you missed the whole Chloe debacle, you can catch some of it in Lessons from the Emergency Vet. I wrote the blog at the time of the incident, and it is just now coming out on Culturefeast. It has the story, plus some other fun insights.

CAAP Testing is going to drive me mad! I just don't understand sometimes!

Novella news. I am proud of the new items I've come up with. I think I've made the Jared character more rounded and decided to scale back a few characters because was just becoming too confusing. Maybe I will have an outline available for human consumption soon.


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