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I'm Just Not Feeling It

Last week and this past weekend was strange. It wasn't bad. Things were busy and stressful, but there was no drama to speak of.  Still, I'm off my game and I'm not sure why.  My focus isn't there. I'm missing something, and nothing I come up with seems right. Maybe it is just the lack of sleep. :)

My First Tornado Warning of 2011: Less stressful than I thought it would be...really it was. It did mean starting the work week on zero sleep.

Midterms: Survived. I still have tons of work to catch up on, but I had big report to get out today. I will be back ahead of the game by the end of the week. 62 hours over 6 days with 1 day off is rough though. We tested over 103 students in 4 hours on Saturday. Exhausting!

Nine Months Later: Still blows. I can't explain to people what this is like. That is probably the hardest thing for me. Upside: The song Live Like You are Dying still makes me throw up, but I can make it through the song and the Indy Idol wrap up before mak…