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'Life Jump Started' will help pass the time

If I had jury duty again today, I would probably take my own novel, Life...Jump Started with me. I know it is my own book, but I'm currently looking for my next must read (don't suggest Twilight okay), and it would give me time to really look at it with fresh eyes. Well this book has all the essentials. It has the love story, life lessons and a little bit of a twist. This is actually my book, but I haven't actually read it since the whole publishing process. I know that is sad, but I just have been focusing on getting through my other book list (Most recently Pride Prejudice and Zombies), and working on other projects.

I am currently working on what appears to be my next novel project. I have other smaller novellas in the works, but I see this project as being a bigger undertaking. I want to take the time to really read my first novel and see what things I did well, and where I need to be more careful this time. If I do not take the time to learn from my past projects, h…