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'Role Models' was a waste of time

I am a movie snob. I'll be the first admit that. I wasn't expecting this to be a masterpiece, but there are some standards that were not met.. My brother and I were burning some time on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We had driven into "the city" (if you consider Toledo, a city ) to get sushi. We had no other plans until meeting our family for dinner at Tony Packo's. It made no sense for us to drive all the way to Woodville or Wauseon only to drive back.

Neither of us are huge shoppers, and we were out of good ideas. We decided that maybe a movie would be a good time waster. We arrived at the theater only to discover that all the movies we wanted to see had already started. We saw Role Models listed an decided why not.

Adam and I like comedies. Adam more than I like stupid humor. Really I prefer smart humor in a stupid humor costume...but anyway...we left the movie feeling robbed.

Basically, the story was weak, The writing was worse, and all the funny parts were …

Indy Idol Week

Indy Idol Week One

Well we are officially through the first week of tryouts...and so far it has been interesting.

Bently's: We only had 2 people tryout and apparently the manager double booked the venue AND Dave Matthews was in I am hopeful that we have a better turn out next Saturday.

Majors and Britton: A major difference. We have some good competition at both locations.

I love judging. I have always loved music. I finally get to use all that Keynote training on performance and stage presence. I like being out and using some of that useless knowledge in my head.

The downside:

Judging people I don't particularly care for fairly. I'm sorry if you pursued and stole my friend's Boyfriend, or are a huge attention monger who threw a temper tantrum that kept me awake all night via e-mails to my phone...and this in recent memory it is hard to not be a little biased.

Bad servers: My food is comped, but I still plan on tipping you until you, so please actually wait on me…

Indy Idol Fishers/Carmel Fall 2009

This is a contest formatted like American Idol. We will have three weeks of tryouts at each location followed by 10 weeks of competition.

Contestants may tryout one time each night. However, they are welcome to tryout at all three weeks of auditions. After week three, the results will be posted on facebook and emailed to the contestants.

Conestants for the 10 week contest will be chosen by three judges. The judges will be scoring based on the following six categories: vocal ability, stage presence, appearance, confidence, entertaining, and enunciation.

After tryouts are over, the competition begins. During the ten week contest, scores will be determined by the three judges as well as audience votes. Make sure to bring all your friends!

Contestants must sign-up and select their song prior to each event. All songs will be performed in karaoke format.

The winner gets $ 1000.00; 2nd place $ 400.00; 3rd place $ 100.00. Good Luck!!! Sign-in begins at 6pm, and auditions begin at 8pm.

Indy Idol …

Last Week

Last week wasn’t bad. It was just exhausting. I didn’t realize how much I had on my plate. Late registration is tiring enough. Add to it my other jobs and it is a recipe for disaster.
Just look at this:
Monday: Worked 8-5 home, tanned, cooked, worked on job leads until 1, but couldn’t sleep. I was up until 4
Tuesday: Worked 8-5, ran home, changed clothes, grabbed stuff, ran to Bucky’s, shot pictures for Indy Idol finals until 1, home, “lost cell phone” aka put it on my nightstand and then couldn’t remember where I put it.
Wednesday: Worked 8-11:30. Went home. Worked on editing photos, posting photos, web design and blogging until 2
Thursday: Worked 8-5. Came home, cooked, worked on blogging and job leads, went to Bucky’s and worked until 3.
Friday: worked 8-5. Worked at home until 2:30
Saturday: When I left for work, I was thinking about the 2 e-mails I had received from P3 people, and ended up (totally legally and safely turning north on Meridian instead of south like I needed to. Worked 7…