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Changing Gears

The girls are on Spring Break. They spent last week with their mom. They will spend the upcoming week with us.

I was away Thursday and Friday (although we were back yesterday evening, but I was still playing catch up from chores I hadn't done), and now I feel like I'm trying to prep for that week in 2 days.

It isn't that the girls are terrors, and I have to prepare for anything like that. We look forward to our time with them. It is still a change. We do not have physical custody of the girls. While we are active in their lives, they do not live with us the bulk of the time. The everyday things most parents have to think about and plan for isn't something we do except on the weeks like this (during school breaks and over the summer), and it just a change in planning and how we think. Mark working second shift puts another wrinkle in this. We've never had to experience this with his current work schedule.

It is the normal parenting concerns that we just do not usual…