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The Ugly Truth

Sometimes life is unfair.

Bad things happen to good people.

The people with the biggest hearts get stomped on.

Rules, laws and policies have zero logic and are painfully in favor of one party.

Things are sometimes so messed up we just can't wrap out minds around it.

Sometimes you have to give up trying to understand and focus on how you are going to deal with it.

Dear Freezer: Please Don't Die...until after May18

I came home from work the other night to discover my freezer making odd noises. The fridge was fine. The freezer was still cold, but the fan was making funny noises. Some of the back vent for the fan was frozen over. Maybe that was the issue? I broke off the nice. The fan was still loud, but not quite as much...and it appeared there was *warm* air coming out of the vent. Not a lot of it, but still enough to raise a concern.

I made dinner, and started preparing for my laundry run. Just before I left I checked the freezer again. The fan: still making noise. Still cold: yes. However: I was almost 100% certain the hot air was not my imagination. The remaining ice on the back vent was starting to melt.

I had a two choices:

Completely flip out.Go. Do my laundry. Check on it when I returned. Hope for the best. Of course the impulse to  to flip out was there. My  moving date is less than 2 weeks away. My freezer is actually full of pretty much literally every single meal I will consume between…

Good-Bye Laundromat

Next week will mark the last trip I will ever make to Kwik-Kleen Laundromat. I am ecstatic.

Why may you ask?

No more hauling a weeks worth of laundry from the apartment to the car, to the laundromat, to the car and back to the apartment.Addendum to #1: Parking in my current apartment complex sucks, so that last leg was usually at least from 2 buildings away.Crazy Evangelists: This is not a slam on Christians. I am just very put off by how this mother -daughter duo share their faith. These people are actually pretty creepy. Now if a ten year old came up to me with a drawing she made, and it had a Bible verse on it, I would be cool with it. When it is drawn by a twenty something and laminated: creepy.Washer/dryer/basket hoarders. These guys do not do laundry for a month, and then monopolize one whole area of the laundromat. These are also the same people that hog up counters and rolling baskets. People who move my stuff. Generally, I run an errand while my clothes wash. If there are othe…