Good-Bye Laundromat

Next week will mark the last trip I will ever make to Kwik-Kleen Laundromat. I am ecstatic.

Why may you ask?

  1. No more hauling a weeks worth of laundry from the apartment to the car, to the laundromat, to the car and back to the apartment.
  2. Addendum to #1: Parking in my current apartment complex sucks, so that last leg was usually at least from 2 buildings away.
  3. Crazy Evangelists: This is not a slam on Christians. I am just very put off by how this mother -daughter duo share their faith. These people are actually pretty creepy. Now if a ten year old came up to me with a drawing she made, and it had a Bible verse on it, I would be cool with it. When it is drawn by a twenty something and laminated: creepy.
  4. Washer/dryer/basket hoarders. These guys do not do laundry for a month, and then monopolize one whole area of the laundromat. These are also the same people that hog up counters and rolling baskets. 
  5. People who move my stuff. Generally, I run an errand while my clothes wash. If there are other machines going, I put my basket on top of one of the washer's I am using. If I am the only one there, I will leave my basket on a table. One week I returned to find my basket thrown into a corner, the few things that were in the basket strewn across the floor and a lone bottle of detergent on the table. There was a boy at the other table doing his homework who was just ignoring me. I collected my stuff, moved the bottle to the opposite end of the table. Put my basket back and went back to my business. When the boy's mom returned she didn't say a word to me, but shot me a dirty look as she retrieved her detergent. Seriously lady? I was back *before* my washers were done. If I hadn't been and there was a chance I wouldn't be back before her stuff was done and she wanted both tables, fine move my basket. However, don't rudely toss it, and do you really need 2 tables (see hoarders above)? 
  6. Creepers: The ones that want to strike up awkward conversation...or worse assume since I am there alone and not washing any guy's clothes that I must be available. Even when I was, what makes you think I am interested. Also, arguing with me about my boyfriend actually existing: really? No, he doesn't leave clothes at my house. I don't leave clothes at his house. We just never have. That is why I do not have guy clothes in my basket.
  7. No. Climate. Control.
  8. The questionable bathroom....and the risk of there not being toilet paper if I had to go.
  9. Broken Dryers
  10. Change machines with attitude.


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