The Bottom Line

Writing Prompts:

1.) Six Word Memoir: Write about a significant time in your life in just six words.
2.) “One need not be a chamber to be haunted, One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place”. -Emily Dickinson What haunts you?
3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.
4.) What are you passionate about?
5.) Comfort food at its finest. Share a family favorite recipe you loved as a child.

Lets go with #4  Shall We?
It has been an interesting ride over the past almost 32 years:

I was a cute baby:

I was an adorable toddler:

I was a child with a bad perm:

Police Radios were just a part of Christmas morning and family dinners :

I had the "coolest car"

I may have vandalized a friend's car with evidence tags and rubber gloves found in aforementioned cool car:

I went to college:

Moved Away and Made New Friends:

I traveled:

I even toured with a band:

Bottom Line:

No matter where I have gone, what I have done there is one constant: people who love me. 

I always have:

1) My family
2) My closest friends (the ones that remember my birthday, have been cleared for the "you can hug me list," and actually taken the time to get me.)

They are who I am passionate about. They are the people I care enough about to take care of and protect no matter what. They are what get me through the really rough times and laugh with me through the best times. The issues that impact their lives are the issues I learn about and want to advocate for. 


Paulette said…
Great pictures that definitely tell a story of your passion for your loved ones!
Dawn said…
I love that you chose your family and friends!
Stasha said…
Your happiness in the pictures is contagious. Family and friends. I like that.
Lindsey V said…
Oh, I love this post! I seriously wanted to jump in QUITE a few of your pics to experience those moments too! Thanks for painting your life and YOUR PEOPLE for us in such a REAL way!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's
hilljean said…
Great pics! I loved the progression!
Dumb Mom said…
Great photos! And I said the same thing. Well, you know, sorta!
What a neat photo essay! I love your passion for people. Even in pictures of places, the people stand out most. Visiting from MK's
Teresa said…
Great pics...and it's wonderful to have people you can be so passionate about in your life.
Wombat Central said…
Tell me you drove the Weiner mobile! How fun! That's on my life list. (um, I think it's on there. Well, if it isn't it should be. I'mma go add it now if it isn't on there...) Then I'mma go do this prompt!
Anonymous said…
Wow! great post! It looks like you've had a fantastic life so far!
Keep enjoying it!!

**stopping by from Mama Kat's :)
K said…
This is a really great idea to show your journey in life with photos, and the photos and captions really show you and what means a lot to you! I love it! Thank you for sharing this! I stopped by from Mama Kat's and I'll be back :)
Leigh Ann said…
Great post! I love how you chronicled your life in photos, showing your love for your friends and family.
Mommy Lisa said…
I love the pictures and the tale that go with them. But I am totally jealous of your blog design. ;)
LB said…
Your pics are awesome!
Phyllis said…
GREAT Story! Could tell from the pics that you are very passionate about the people in your life!
I love the pictures and that they show the different experiences you've had. And I love that what you are passionate about are the people in your life! Not things, but people.
Jennifer said…
What a great post! Your pictures prove that you're living your life to the fullest, and you are blessed to have so many friends and family to accompany you on your journey. Visiting from Mama Kat's!
Dominique Goh said…
What a lovely photo story.. It really shows that you are very passionate about your life.
LOVE that you used all these great pictures to tell your story- what a great post! I'm glad I found it on Mama Kat's site!

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