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About 2 weeks ago I took Zelda to the vet for an annual check up.  A few things happened:

1) I found out Zelda's white cell count was way up = she was sick
2) The previous owners old us Zelda was a she, but just to verify I opted to get her DNA sexed
3) We ran some tests to see if she had a pretty serious disease.
4) I was given medicine to give her for the next 10 days.

The good news:
1) It took some toweling and patience...and bribery, but we made it through the 10 days if medicine twice a day without injuries.
2) Her test results for the disease came back negative

The eh news:

She's a he.

The previous owners said the people they got him from said he was a she.  So we gave her a girl name, and have been calling her a girl.

Now we have to stop referring to her as a girl. He already responds to Zelda, so it is too late to change it to Link.

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