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It is just me and my little Kia Rio

I really do hate driving, but somehow I end up putting 200 miles a week on my car. I drive to and from work, to karaoke shows, on errands, and to meetings. I'm a professional designated driver, and I drive out of my way to keep my friends safe.

Really, I would give it all up if I lived in a city of that had decent public transportation system. It would save me money and headaches.

Until that day comes, I will be grateful for my little car.

My ballet flats are some of my favorite shoes

ballet flats
These shoes are comfortable and cute. Really that is the only motivation I need.
Teal Kangaroos
When I was 5, all I wanted was a pair of Kangaroos. On my 25th birthday, I bought myself my own pair.
Black Goth Boots
These things are so tall I can't drive in them. I'm not sure how I walk in them. Really, I shouldn't stand in them too long. They are not functional, but I realy do love them.

Baker Beach: You can't Swim There, but it is beautiful

I've been to beaches all over the world. I've enjoyed the French Rivera, sunburned in the Bahamas, and scraped my feet up on Zebra Mussels before I was smart enough to stay out of Lake Erie (I was under the age of 13). Still my favorite is an unlikely winner. I'm not a swim at the beach type of person, but I do like to sit and enjoy the view. If you are looking for a tropical destination, this isn't for you. However, if you just want to enjoy the waves and the Pacific Ocean, grab a cup of coffee at the Cliff House and take in the ambiance.

A good breakfast better include grits

I love breakfast food. I can eat it any time a day. Although I never really eat a good balanced one (cereal bar in my car).
I could eat these every morning for breakfast. They are a little piece of the south!
Biscuts and gravy
Again this is a southern breakfast standard. It reminds me of breakfasts with my dad.
Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa
It is a breakfast standard with a twist and very easy to make.
When I was in jr high, we stop at this diner in southern Ohio. I asked for a side of bacon, and they put raw bacon INSIDE my omlette. It has been a joke ever since.