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Looking back at the weekend

This weekend was one for the books. I had moments of introspection, loneliness, happiness, pure anger, annoyance, creativity, frustration and tech savvyness.

1) The Loneliness led to intospection...which led to blogging Today's Lesson

2) Creativity and Frustration came out in Still Not Sleeping

3)Annoyance and Pure Anger was covered in Anger and Frustration...and I'm not sure exactly what I am going to do about it. The person envoking this wrath is a friend of a friend, but he and his little entourage of friends are just plain rude. I'm hoping it won't continue to be an issue,but if it does I'm going to do.

4) Creativity alone created some great leaps forward with the novella.

5) Frustration, Annoyance, and Tech Savvyness are all part of this need to fix a laptop. For some reason it kept locking up on Saturday night (luckily this is not my laptop). Now all the laptops lag every now and then...I know part of my laptop's issue is it is on Vista, and I have an olde…