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New Project(s) Underway

I am very excited to announce that I am starting up an new phase in my photography project.

I will continue posting to Redgage because that is where I am currently actually getting paid for my pictures (paid per page view). The most popular ones on there will get uploaded to my official online portfolio. You can find the start up of my portfolio over on Smugmug.

I will be setting up more albums and hopefully I will have new pictures to add soon.

Also be on the look out for some pretty big changes to the blog over the next 6 months. After much consideration today/tonight, I know that it is time to move us into whatever our next step will be.  I'm not looking for a career change, but just for a bigger opportunity to do something I love.

2011 far

2011 has been another year I had high hopes far it hasn't quite paid off, but there is still a few months to go. I have been healing from losing mom, healing from my own trauma from the tornado, reclaiming my blog, learning who my real friends are, losing my dad and taking new risks.

It could still surprise me though.

white rose
1) Who Knew -- Pink

2) Whatdaya Want from Me-- Pink

3) Sooner or Later -- Michelle Branch

4) When You're Gone-- Avril

5) Two Points for Honesty -- Guster

6) Alice-- Avril

7) Black Balloon-- Goo Goo Dolls

8) Absolutely -- Nine Days

9) Broken-- Lifehouse

10) What You Want -- Evanescence

11) I Think I'm Paranoid-- Garbage

12) Bad Influence-- Pink

13) Who I Am-- Jessica Andrews

14) Someone You Should Know-- Lisa Loeb

15) Let Go -- Frou Frou

16) Tell Me Where it Hurts: Garbage

17) Everything to Me-- Liz Phair

18) Here and Now-- Letters to Cleo

19) Fucking Perfect-- Pink

20) Effortlessly-- Sister Hazel

When the Media Plots Against You...well sort of....ish

I have always been a person who finds personal meaning in song lyrics. It just who I am. That's not exactly a secret...just take a look at past blog entries...or many of my song selections at karaoke. 
It just seems to be happening more lately especially over the past month.
It just isn't limited to songs any more, now television shows and movies are having the same effect. An episode of Scrubs, a random movie, a song on the radio: It is almost like the media is plotting against me. 
I get that really it is just I'm more aware of how I relate to each piece of media. Part of the reason that we like a show/song/etc is because on some level we relate to or are drawn to some aspect of it. 
Still, episode 206 of Haven really got to me. In the episode one main character is stuck in the over done "time loop aka Groundhog Day" scenario. The first thing that got me was in each "redo" she had to watch another person she cares about die. Seeing how that is the theme o…