2011 Soundtrack...so far

2011 has been another year I had high hopes for...so far it hasn't quite paid off, but there is still a few months to go. I have been healing from losing mom, healing from my own trauma from the tornado, reclaiming my blog, learning who my real friends are, losing my dad and taking new risks.

It could still surprise me though.

white rose
1) Who Knew -- Pink

2) Whatdaya Want from Me-- Pink

3) Sooner or Later -- Michelle Branch

4) When You're Gone-- Avril

5) Two Points for Honesty -- Guster

6) Alice-- Avril

7) Black Balloon-- Goo Goo Dolls

8) Absolutely -- Nine Days

9) Broken-- Lifehouse

10) What You Want -- Evanescence

11) I Think I'm Paranoid-- Garbage

12) Bad Influence-- Pink

13) Who I Am-- Jessica Andrews

14) Someone You Should Know-- Lisa Loeb

15) Let Go -- Frou Frou

16) Tell Me Where it Hurts: Garbage

17) Everything to Me-- Liz Phair

18) Here and Now-- Letters to Cleo

19) Fucking Perfect-- Pink

20) Effortlessly-- Sister Hazel


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