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I will never forget Saint Malo, France

The summer I turned 16, I went on a trip to France. I of course was looking forward to Paris, Mount St Michel, Nice, our day trip to Monaco, and the other big stops. I wasn't not looking forward to the other places, I just wasn't familiar with them.

There isn't any big touristy trap in Saint Malo. I know some of my classmates were annoyed we stayed there. They came to France to see the big ticket items. This was just a waste to them. However, I discovered I really liked this walled city on the English Channel. There was history there. I wish I could go back now with a better camera to capture some of the great shots I remember.

This summer, I'll be eating strawberries

Summer is always more fun and relaxing that the Spring season. It also brings cook outs, warm weather, cocktails by the pool, and of course...strawberries.
Strawberries (La Trinidad, Benguet) I love strawberries. Yes I know you can get them year round, but they are in season in the midwest during the summer. That is the best time to enjoy them!

There is nothing quite like strawberry shortcake with ice cream on a warm June day. It reminds me of going to the "strawberry place" in Elmore (More currently known as Klickmans these days) and picking up crates of strawberries. You could pick our own, but we never did. I'm guessing my allergies had something to do with that. However, it does not take away from that happy memory.

I look forward to this every summer. Maybe I'll find a farm outside of Indy this year. I think that would be a fun Sunday drive.