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Coming Out of Retirement

Today (well tomorrow...depending on when you read this.) I will be coming out of retirement of sorts. I will start taking pictures for "Belt it Out" (aka the contest formerly known as Indy I*o* until we got a cease and desist letter earlier this I'm not kidding).

I used to take all the contest pictures. Actually, I took pictures all the time. I loved it. I loved taking the pictures and all the editing that came with it.

Then I just stopped. I'm not sure why, but it just didn't make me nearly has happy as it used to. In the last contest, I was  running the second computer, so pictures were sort of out of the question. This time around, pictures will all I will be doing each week. I think it will be fun for the contestants to see shots from each week on our Facebook page. I just hope I can get back on my A Game for this opportunity.

I want it to be something I get joy from. I'm hoping that it will live up to that expectation. I want that creative outl…