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Life Changes

Today marks the 2 week point in our move.

It is amazing how much things have changed in that two weeks.

There is no more coming home from work and lounging on the couch or lazy Fridays off. At least for now there is still enough work to keep me busy until I pretty much drop from exhaustion.

The good news is we are pretty much settled. Most everything has found a home. Aside from a seat cushion the girls' room is ready to go (which is good since they will be here this weekend). Pictures are not up quite yet, but overall things are really coming together.

When you live alone there isn't that urgency. For me there was a drive to clean up the place daily. Now it is different. Every night I leave work with a to do list. I know some of that will lighten up when I finish my bigger DIY projects (I might as well make the most of the things we have). There still always a grocery run, laundry, dinner to make, bird cage to clean or some other chores.

I also know some of it is just me keep…