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Anger Lingers

It is amazing how one little emotion can dig in and stick around.

Today Facebook recommended I add my dad's "best friend." I use that term pretty loosely. He didn't come up when my dad had his stroke and my mom died the next day. He didn't come up when Dad died. He was supposed to be there for us, and he selfishly chose to not make the trip. I blame his new wife for being possessive and him for not having the balls to stand up to her. He chose to appease her instead of being there for us in both times we needed him. That is almost unforgivable. I know I *should* forgive him, but it is so hard. He has made the choice to not be a part of my life. I should respect that and let it be.

Still seeing his picture brought all that anger back to the surface. Granted the anger has subsided a bit. I am no longer so livid that I want to add him as a friend just so I can be that petty brat that uploads all the cute pictures of him and his ex wife (for the record these are old …

Love This...

Love this song.

It makes me smile.