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Some housekeeping and new info

What I really want to write about is something that has evolved over the last week. A co-worker of mine was arrested. He is charged with some very shocking and inappropriate behavior. The whole thing is a mess, and even in just talking about it at work, I came across some very ignorant opinions of the situation. I most certainly have an option, but until all the facts are in, I’m going to just leave it at this: The young man in question obviously has some issues based on the facts we DO know from that Target surveillance tapes, and I pray for his sake and for the sake of that little girl the allegations are not true. Once again though, it isn’t fair to either party to assume or judge just yet. Until then, I will have my thoughts and opinions, but I’m not going to post on the subject. Please be respectful of my stance on this, and if you do blog on it, please be respectful of all parties involved.

The good news is Redgage is back up. I am hoping to get quite a few new blogs up there fo…