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The world's ending! Let's go to Las Vegas

If I knew for a fact the world was going to end, I would want to go somewhere where I could enjoy ever last second of my time here on earth. I would want to round up my friends and family and head to a place that never "closes" and we could party 24/7 until the end. That place would undoubtedly be Las Vegas. Why Planet Hollywood:

1) Centralized location: I can walk pretty much any where I want to go

2) Small but totally fun casino

3) It is attached to a mall: AND that mall has a Betsey Johnson Store.

Why Vegas:

Again, it never shuts down...and we can enjoy ourselves in our last days.

The Golden Gate Bridge makes me smile

I love to travel. Any time I am out seeing the world, I am happy. I wish I could afford to do more of it!
If I am taking this picture then I am on vacation in one of my favorite places. If can't get much better than that. I can walk down to Fort Point, then take the trail to Fort Mason. From there I can grab the 30 bus to Chinatown and grab some passion fruit Tea at Maggie's Cafe.

It's not spring without some Cadbury eggs

Ohhh.....Cadbury Eggs. I get happy every year as the appear in the stores. Granted their appearance keeps getting earlier and earlier (I'm expecting them to be on shelves the day after Christmas soon.)
Cadbury Cream Eggs I am a long time Cadbury egg junkie. I have loved the clucking bunny and the original creme eggs for as long as I can remember. I look forward to them every year, but I refrain from buying them more than once or twice a season as a treat. Today (Easter) I walked the mile to and fro the store to rationalize my consumption of one of these little guys.

Reruns of 'Moonlight' still hold up

I'm still mourning the loss of this show. I think had the writer's strike not happened this show may ave survived at least one more season.
Twin Peaks is Twin Peaks...dark and twisted...need I say more
Poltergiest the Legacy
It takes place in San Francisco...and it i generally fun to watch. Although I have come to the conclusion I only really like Alex and Nick and sometimes Kat. Rachel is annoying, Derek is pretentious, and don't even get me started on Kristen. All are fine actors, but the characters bug me.
Blood Ties
Great show. Cheesy FX. Amazing chemistry with the actors. Best episode: The "groundhog day"episode where Vicki keeps reliving the same day w/ Pandora's Box
I am Daria...need I say more
Pre-Agent Doggett episodes only...Favorite Episode: The vampire one with Luke Wilson.
Old school only please.
Law and Order CI
Eames and Goren episodes only.
Great show. Mark Harmon is awesome, and Abby is my hero.