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Another New Project: The dining room

Today is the day I decided to tackle my dining room. What I thought would be a 1-2 job turned into an almost 6 hour job.
We bought these chairs to go with my grandparents' dining room table.

They are pretty stained, and way too light to have (with kids). The first item of business: recover the seat cushions.

1) First I removed the seats from the chairs. This was the easiest part of the recovering project. Locate the screws on the bottom side of the seat. Removing those frees up the seat, so you can remove the old fabric.

2) This is where I ran into an issue. I discovered that one of the chairs had the original hardware. However, 2 of the chairs had 2  screws that did not match the others at all and one chair only had 2 screws. I dug through my spare hardware container (I just need to buy a tool box), but my closest match wasn't even close.  As you can see in the picture below (right to left: The ones that came with the chair, the ones that we "replacements" and the …