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One of those days

Last Tuesday when I went to bed, I had my Wednesday planned

1) I was going to get up early to ensure I would have time to look nice for my annual performance evaluation
2) I also needed to get in early to set up our overflow lab we had an Enrollment Event
3) I had everything I needed for the day lined up and ready to go.
4) It would be a busy day, but a pretty good one.

After we went to bed, things went down hill quickly.

Mark started having an asthma attack. Lily tried to "heal him with her love" so I was trying to keep her out of his face...the last thing he needs is a shedding basset hound in his faceRight after Mark finally falls asleep, Tank has one of his "sleeping accidents" I get that cleaned up, and then him back to alarm goes off shortly after thisI don't get up right away, and when I do I have a killer headacheI don't look a nice as I would like when I leave.I don't arrive at work early enough to get everything done so I opt to set up…