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In the eye of the beholder...or in this case creator

I made these:

Each one took time and patience. Some were made just because I was bored. Others, I set out to make something I thought was fun. It may not appeal to you...and that is fine. Some of my work is dark.Others are black and white, distressed,  focal black and white. It just depends on my mood, and what I want to make on any given day. 
That is the best part of this hobby. I'm not in this for the money. I do this for fun. It is like my blog, I can make it into anything I want. I'm not trying for fame. I'm just doing something I love, sharing it with others, and hoping at least some of you like it. It is one of the things I selfishly just do for me. 
As I have been going through all my old pictures (working on my portfolio), I am reminded of how much fun I had making these odd edits. I can't wait to start doing it again. Making a portfolio is time consuming, and I'm not looking for much to come from it, but it is still something that can make me proud. If you a…

Tips for the Fearless Flyer

This Week's Prompts1.) Write a post about a childhood memory as if you're in that moment again...from the perspective of yourself as that child.
2.) Write about a time you disappointed yourself.
3.) Your first panic attack.
4.) Your Grandma's story.
5.) The 10 Dos and Don'ts of Airplane Etiquette.

This week's winner:5.) The 10 Dos and Don'ts of Airplane Etiquette.

I love to travel. I wish I could afford to do it more. I wish more of my friends could travel with me. I think it is awesome to be able to get away and relax. Over the years, I have learned a few rules to live by while flying the friendly skies. 

Do be prepared for the worse case scenario. You will be delayed. You will get a bad seat. If you have kids, they will misbehave. If you are childless you will sit near the worse behaved child on the plane...ok it might *not* happen but be prepared for if it does.Don't wait until right before you board the plane to check for essential documents (like your hus…

One Minute Writing: Senses

Trying something new. Check out One Minute Writing

How much can you write in a minute?

My most "aware" sense is my hearing. I guess that is why words mean so much to me. I know some of it is that I am an auditory learner (from my dyslexia).