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Best Dessert Ever

This post is brought to you in part by Mama Kat's Writing Workshop:

Twinkie Delight

This is a recipe my mom actually stole from her college roommate. It is super simple, but it was always a favorite at any potluck, awards dessert....etc that we took it to. My brother actually used to tell other people it was gross so that there would be some to take home.

What you need:

2 boxes of twinkies
2 boxes of instant pudding (any flavor...if I am making it just for me: butterscotch making it for other people I go with half chocolate half vanilla)
at least 1 container of cool whip
a big bag of your candy of choice (the original recipe is heath bar, but I always use reeses pieces...because I love peanut butter)
a cake  pan

How you make it:

Cut enough twinkies in half long ways
Line the bottom of the cake pan with the bottom half of the twinkies.
Put pudding on top of the twinkies.
Add a light layer of cool whip
Put the tops of the twinkies on the cool whip
Cover the twinkie tops with more co…

I Plan...the universe laughs

This is a busy week for me. I have lots of errands and things on my plate. Knowing this, I made a plan for the week, prepped a healthy dinner, and thought we were good to go.

Yesterday: was insane, but stayed on target
Today: My cell phone battery has been worrying me for a while  now. It would take a little to long to charge, stop charging in the middle of the night, and the battery would die quicker than I thought it should. At some point last night, it stopped liking wall chargers, and car chargers completely. It says it is charging while connected to the USB cord, but it isn't actually charging. I've done the troubleshooting thing. Nothing has worked.

That means instead of what was on the agenda for after work: I have to go to a repair store, get a new battery (although the provider has already comped the battery), and have them see if it is more than a battery issue.  I made an appointment, but still that throws everything off. They have you make appointments and then tel…