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It is amazing how things change: fiction

One minute, I have my story all figured out. The next one new idea changes every thing. It opens the door to new characters, eliminating characters, or changing core elements.
Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroads: where do I go and what do I change.
Do I keep a character? Do I add a character or just make a new one? Do I make her a villain or a truly nice person stuck in the middle. Yes the villain creates more drama, but at what point is there too much drama? Maybe making the other woman too nice will create the conflict needed.
Back story…character tie ins…eh maybe we can use that later. I like the whole idea of the female lead knowing someone in this new story. I know that was the whole basis of the initial story idea, but now I am starting to think that may be a hindrance. Do we need the whole elaborate past, or can this new idea make up for all of this?

So now I find myself looking at what I have, the new ideas, and how to make it all work. Sometimes I wonder how I make it …

I'll take a tattoo of a nightmare before christmas – just for a week

Lets just pretend I could get over my fear of needles, and my worries about tattoos, and I could have one for just week. Now this would be a huge undertaking seeing how needles just about put my blood pressure through the roof. I guess I would get something from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare before xmas disneyland I don't know where I would put it. I mean I'm not exactly one to show off skin. Maybe it will go on my shoulder or my ankle? I'm not sure I would keep it though. I am not sure if permanent tattoos are for me. I love well done ones on other people, but having my own makes me nervous. One I don't have a boo show one off and I change so often I'm not sure what I pick now would be what ld want on me forever.

ET on the speaker

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