I'll take a tattoo of a nightmare before christmas – just for a week

Lets just pretend I could get over my fear of needles, and my worries about tattoos, and I could have one for just week. Now this would be a huge undertaking seeing how needles just about put my blood pressure through the roof. I guess I would get something from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare before xmas disneyland

I don't know where I would put it. I mean I'm not exactly one to show off skin. Maybe it will go on my shoulder or my ankle? I'm not sure I would keep it though. I am not sure if permanent tattoos are for me. I love well done ones on other people, but having my own makes me nervous. One I don't have a boo show one off and I change so often I'm not sure what I pick now would be what ld want on me forever.


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