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Why I like POD

Recently, I posted a link of print on demand and online publishing. This led to many questions from my friends. I am a huge fan of print on demand publishing. I use it
for my novel and my novella. While my personal reasons for using it are pretty basic. My hopes for its use in the future mirror the author of the article from CNN.

I think that POD is a fabulous option for new authors, authors who write stories that may not be deemed “mainstream” and other authors that have hit a brick wall with traditional publishing. Most (if not all) POD providers fall under some level of self publishing. Some are a total self publishing (you do it all yourself) package, and other have pay services you can opt into for some help.

Basically, Print on Demand means exactly what it says. Your book is only published when a copy is ordered. Many POD sites allow customers to order from their own storefront. Others may allow you (if you have an ISBN number) to sell your book via Amazon or another online sto…

RIP Newspapers

RIP Newspapers

Be sure to check out my weekly blog on Culturefeast. It is a little about my past and it takes a look at the future of the newspaper.

I am sad to see newspapers become obsolete. It is just hard to see this piece of print media and my childhood dream become nothing more than an obscure historical reference.
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Trying to make Carmel, IN to Chicago, IL work

I went to Chicago to see Guster for my 25th birthday. I was beyond excited. I took the train and stayed in the HI Hostel. I went to the concert on my birthday, and I didn't think the weekend could get any better. Then the next night, I met a wonderful guy. We really hit it off, and the next thing I know we are talking all the time. In a world before text messaging was common practice and there was no Twitter or Facebook I'm surprised we kept it going as long as we did. It was never serious, but I think we had the potential to be something.

We talked everyday at work through a message board we both belonged to. It was a great way to keep in contact through out the day. Usually he would call me every night. This was hard because my cellphone coverage sucked in the townhouse. I could get reception in my bedroom, but one of my roommates went to bed early and she would get angry if I was talking upstairs. That meant I had to go outside. I spend hours sitting on our steps and in m…