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Looking Forward to the Little Things

All the makings of a perfect storm:
1) Hours of Sleep: 0 2) Pain level of headache: Hurts to keep eyes open 3) My already somewhat numb yet overwhelmed state. 4) Hey Jennifer Meterion didn't send us this paperwork can you send it to us? 5) Hey Jennifer, good news, we are doing X with the trust, bad news we haven't processed your probate paperwork because of Y 6) Hey Jennifer, I have to talk to you about this mess that isn't yours, but we know you are cleaning up.
4,5 and 6 happened within about 45 minutes of each other. 
I was nearly ready to kick kittens.
Then I remembered: football is on tonight...and tomorrow is not just a day off, but a day where I get my hair and my nails done (2 things I do just for me).
They may not be big things, but they are little things that make me smile, maybe laugh and feel a little bit more human than I do on a daily basis.

Creepy Arse Cardboard Cut Out

Dear Lawrence Library Staff--

I understand why you bought the creepy arse life sized  card board cut out of Edward from the Twilight movies. Yeah I get that the Twilight books are this huge sensation, and for some reason throngs of people love them and the movies they have spawned. Really, I do.This isn't a "Why the Twilight series is utter crap" post (it is a bit late in the game for that. I really wouldn't have anything totally original to say). Still, I think you have crossed the line.

However, it was scary enough when you were keeping "Edward" in the Library Classroom. Every time I walked into that room, that damn cut out scared me. It was even worse if I was alone and the one turning on the light. I knew it was there, but it still was creepy enough. Now, it is ridiculous. You have it out in the entry way with a sign on how to use a print card. Every time I walk by your sliding glass door, I can see it in all it's awkwardly creepy glory. I'm not…