Creepy Arse Cardboard Cut Out

Dear Lawrence Library Staff--

I understand why you bought the creepy arse life sized  card board cut out of Edward from the Twilight movies. Yeah I get that the Twilight books are this huge sensation, and for some reason throngs of people love them and the movies they have spawned. Really, I do.This isn't a "Why the Twilight series is utter crap" post (it is a bit late in the game for that. I really wouldn't have anything totally original to say). Still, I think you have crossed the line.

However, it was scary enough when you were keeping "Edward" in the Library Classroom. Every time I walked into that room, that damn cut out scared me. It was even worse if I was alone and the one turning on the light. I knew it was there, but it still was creepy enough. Now, it is ridiculous. You have it out in the entry way with a sign on how to use a print card. Every time I walk by your sliding glass door, I can see it in all it's awkwardly creepy glory. I'm not sure what the hell kind of expression he is going for on his face, but it just isn't right. Is it supposed to be a smolder? Is it supposed to be mysterious? Unless they were going for almost comically frightening, they epic failed on that one.

I think it would be better if "Edward" was returned to his rightful dark corner in the Library Classroom. It's just my opinion, but it I think it would make a better environment for the students, and make my working conditions a little bit happier.



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