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My Portable Life: My Purse

I am always on the go, and my purse is my life line. There isn't much space, so I need to pick what goes in there pretty selectively. What makes the cut is pretty telling of who I am.

1) Wallet: White, Basic, and Overstuffed. Much like me
2) Lotion and perfume: I like smelling good
3) Headphones and my IPOD: love my music
4) Biotin (to make my hair grow faster), B-12 (energy), diet pills (duh), and birth control(sadly not so much for contraception these days) AKA: My morning cocktail.
5) Mucienex and Flonase: Yay allergy season!
6) Sunglasses: For my bat like light sensitivity
7) Glasses: For my craptastic night vision and tired days
8) Tanning glasses: for when I tan (and I need to start again soon)
9) Excedrin Migraine: The only thing that even puts a dent in the pain in my shoulder/back. Well aside from a person being here to help me work out some of the tension in the knot.
10)cough drops and mints: you never know when it will come in handy
11) Cellphone charger: My phone is…