My Portable Life: My Purse

Mama’s Losin’ It

I am always on the go, and my purse is my life line. There isn't much space, so I need to pick what goes in there pretty selectively. What makes the cut is pretty telling of who I am.

1) Wallet: White, Basic, and Overstuffed. Much like me
2) Lotion and perfume: I like smelling good
3) Headphones and my IPOD: love my music
4) Biotin (to make my hair grow faster), B-12 (energy), diet pills (duh), and birth control(sadly not so much for contraception these days) AKA: My morning cocktail.
5) Mucienex and Flonase: Yay allergy season!
6) Sunglasses: For my bat like light sensitivity
7) Glasses: For my craptastic night vision and tired days
8) Tanning glasses: for when I tan (and I need to start again soon)
9) Excedrin Migraine: The only thing that even puts a dent in the pain in my shoulder/back. Well aside from a person being here to help me work out some of the tension in the knot.
10)cough drops and mints: you never know when it will come in handy
11) Cellphone charger: My phone is my connection to everyone. It is on 24/7 just in case something happens to Dad. I used to shut off the ringer at night, but that just isn't a reality anymore. My battery cannot be dead, so a charger (USB cord and a wall plug with a USB port) are always on me.
12) hairbrush and hair ties: because you never know when you will need a hair adjustment.

I usually have my camera on me, but the batteries are dead. I love having it with me because you never know when you will find a great picture.

That means: I am a plain, boring, over stuffed, girly girl who loves her music, has night blindness, is light sensitive, needs to tan, on a diet, single, girl with allergy issues, an addiction to her cellphone, and unruly hair.

Yeah. That sounds about right.


Jessica said…
My phone is my lifeline too so I understand needing to carry around a charger.
Queen Mahin said…
Hi, visiting from Mama Kats. Funny how our purses indicate who we are... Mine is stuffed full of old recipts, notes and expired credit cards. It kind of says that I'm scatterbrained and disorganized, but yeah, that's me!
Miel Abeille said…
I love that your camera is in your purse! That's a great habit to have - it says a lot, too!
This "purse" prompt is cracking me up! My purse is a wristlet - simple, trim, containing the essentials & clipped to my keys.
Jenna said…
thank you for the insight into your personality with the revealing of the contents of your purse. You can get some fast facts that way for sure!
Dawn said…
Your purse sounds like a walking pharmacy...too funny! Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

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