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The Epic Battle: Telemarketers: 0 Me: 1

I no longer have a land line phone. I ditched my land line when I moved to my current apartment. For a good year before that, I stopped answering that phone. I figured I never gave anyone that number and if by some chance someone still had it and wasn't calling my cell, they would leave a message.

Basically, I was sick of these phone calls:

Telemarketer: Hi are either of your parents there?
Me: Um no....
Telemarketer: Do you know when they *will* be home. We have called several times now and they never seem to be around.
Me: Um well they were were a couple weeks ago, but I have no idea when they will be back.
Telemarketer: A couple weeks ago?
Me: Yes.
Telemarketer: Um okay....

Yes to quote the No Doubt song I have sang so many times on karaoke: It's all your fault, I screen my phone calls.

This wasn't some stalker, but I was over the telemarketers. They called ALL the time.The only solace I could take in any of this, is that  I never really had to listen to their pitch. Mos…

My Insecurities

The things I worry about...not all these all the time (because holy geez that would need some therapy), but if something is bothering me it is typically one of these things:

Have you ever wished most of the last year of your life never happened?

Have you ever looked at your friends and wondered: How in the hell am I supposed to compete with that?

Have you ever worried that the next phone call you get about your dad being the worst thing you could hear?

Have you ever wondered if you are doing what is right for your family?

Have you ever wondered when it is your turn to get what you want?

Have you ever wished you knew how to take away someone's pain?

Have you ever wondered if they would miss you if you were gone?

Have you ever realized part of who *you* were is gone, and you can never get that part of you back?

Have you ever missed the person you used to be?

Have you ever been afraid to hope for what you want?

Have you ever been afraid to follow your own heart?

Some of these are pre…