The Epic Battle: Telemarketers: 0 Me: 1

I no longer have a land line phone. I ditched my land line when I moved to my current apartment. For a good year before that, I stopped answering that phone. I figured I never gave anyone that number and if by some chance someone still had it and wasn't calling my cell, they would leave a message.

Basically, I was sick of these phone calls:

Telemarketer: Hi are either of your parents there?
Me: Um no....
Telemarketer: Do you know when they *will* be home. We have called several times now and they never seem to be around.
Me: Um well they were were a couple weeks ago, but I have no idea when they will be back.
Telemarketer: A couple weeks ago?
Me: Yes.
Telemarketer: Um okay....

Yes to quote the No Doubt song I have sang so many times on karaoke: It's all your fault, I screen my phone calls.

This wasn't some stalker, but I was over the telemarketers. They called ALL the time.The only solace I could take in any of this, is that  I never really had to listen to their pitch. Most of them assumed I was a kid. They asked if my parents were there, and of course the answer was no. My parents lived in another state. And no, I had no idea when they would be back. Honestly, I am surprised that CPS never showed up on my door step. Man...that would have been awkward...

Lesson Learned: I may sing like a chipmunk, but sounding like a 12 year old on the phone does have it's perks.


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