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In Case You Care: My 2 Cents on the "New Facebook"

Do I think it is cluttered? Yes
Am a initially a huge fan: No
Am I angry enough about it to stress about it? No

Here is the bottom line:

I'm already more of a Twitter fan than a Facebook fan.It isn't like we pay for the's free if anything the developers make money off of *us.* We are users not customers folks.When it comes the the privacy/security side of things I have concerns...but they are all things I hope new security settings will help remedyI'm sure I'll adapt and if it is really that bad I will probably just use it's just Facebook. Remember when we were all addicted to Myspace? It has pretty much gone the way of the Dodo and we are all just fine. Someone else will come up with a bigger/better/shinier networking site and we will move on *if* things get bad enough.