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Anyone know where I put my turntable

We did had an 8-track on our stereo, but my parents mainly listened to records. I ad all my "kid" music (Sesame Street and Disney) on vinyl. I even bought my very first album, Debbie Gibson Out of the Blue, on vinyl. I remember it just had a different sound to it. As a person who works in the "music" industry now, I am grateful for digital music and that I can carry all the songs I need on a hard drive. However, I do miss the sound of the needle on the grooves.

Hmmm...JImmy Johns

I love take out food, but generally I steer away because well do I really need a whole pizza or enough Chinese food to meet the $10 minimum for delivery? However, I have found an alternative. It might not be the best for me, but it works. Jimmy Johns is fabulous because:

1) I love all the veggies and topping selections.

2) You can fin something for everyone

3) The bread is fabulous.

4) If I am being good and want to bypass the bread I can get it in a lettuce

wrap instead.

5) They deliver

6) They deliver to my desk at work as opposed to just calling me from the lobby (a huge bonus when we are busy)

7) You can order online