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Mid-week Wrap Up

Best part of my week so far: getting to kiss him good bye before work Monday morning
Worst part of my week: is totally work related. I am over people who lie and who want to make their failure to follow directions my fault.
Loneliest part of the week: Going to bed alone
Stressful part of the week: finding out someone has been lying to me and now somehow I am supposed to fix it.
Disappointing part of the week: Looking at my timetable, and realizing a goal just isn't going to happen.
Frustrating part of the week: Knowing my work schedule will be messing with what I really want to be doing again.

Some weeks are harder than others, and this is one of the weeks where I am only half way in and I am overwhelmed. I know it will get better, but it is hard to hold on to that when I know next week brings a 6 day  50-60 hour work week an the threat of having to deal with it completely on my own. I need some kind of pick me up.