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Rolling With It

This week hasn't been super great...and it is only Tuesday.

So far
1) Our Crock Pot died
2) I ordered a pair of boots, and they sent the wrong size
3) I've been swamped at work. I'm not sure how I am going to get everything that needs done completed before I leave work tomorrow.
4) The second pair of boots I ordered (to replace the ones that were the wrong size) were adorable. Those were not the boots delivered to my house. I don't have time to order new ones
5) The crock pot I ordered to replace the dead one arrived damaged, and I needed to make tonight's dinner in it. I meal prep, so any deviation of the meal plan can be tricky.
6) Tank had surgery about a month ago. The mass was located in his ear and there was nothing to stitch up the wound. Every time the wound is almost healed up, he breaks it open again
7) An impromptu trip to the west side of town last night meant I missed Zumba

FACT: At one point yesterday I may have wanted to sit in the dark, in my pjs wi…