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Funny Moment of the Week…and it is only Tuesday.

I needed to take some pictures for the P3 web site. I normally do not go to the Monday night shows, but I needed to get this done and this was the only night I had the time to get out on a night I was not working.

I ended up staying at a friend's wedding reception longer than expected, so I arrived at the Fox and Hound in Carmel sometime between 9:30 and 10. I was loaded down with my laptop and camera, and ready to get some much needed work done between snapping shots. I walk into the "karaoke room" to find the guys setting up. Everything seems in place. The speakers are up the laptops are running and the stage is up. See Fox and Hound did their variation of American Idol called Indy Icon. Most places that do these competitions put up some sort of stage.
Nothing seemed strange until I discovered that the stage was not a stage at all. It was a pool table with a sheet of plywood on top of it. There was a set of very deep steps that lead up to it. Of course I'm in disb…