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My First Tornado Warning of the Season

Last night some severe storms rolled in to Central Indiana. A year ago, I would have loved it. There was just  something about thunderstorms that made me happy. I loved the sound of the rain on my window and the thunder and lighting always brought a creative spark.

Now thunderstorms only bring me dread.

The sound of rain on my window reminds me of sitting in the totaled rental car.
The thunder causes anxiety.
I'm pretty sure you don't want to know what I see in lighting flashes.

I probably should never drive in a thunderstorm either, but I can't let my fears run my life so I suck it up and deal.
Last night though, my laundry could wait and I decided to stay home. The storms kept getting worse, and I was getting more anxious. I knew I wouldn't sleep through the night, but I had to at least try. I crawled into bed around 1:00. Finally, around 2:00 I just started to drift to sleep. That is when I heard the sirens for Hamilton county. I live just over the county  line so i…