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The Song Stuck in my Head

Songs in my head
At any given time, I have at least one song stuck in my head. It really does make sense. Music is one of my passions. I’ve come to terms that there will pretty much always be a soundtrack to life playing in my head. I use songs and lyrics to express my feelings, to help me cope, to make me understand, pass the time and share my thoughts. It is a key part of my life, so to always have a song on the brain isn’t abnormal. Something that always fascinates me is why is it there?

Sometimes it is just an annoying song that gets under my skin. The more I dislike the song, the harder it is to get rid of it. “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” isn’t an
awful song. It is just one of those songs I’m not overly fond of. If it gets stuck in my head after a show, it will go away quickly. Now “Umbrella” is another story. That one will stick around for as long as it can.

Other times it is just a really good song. Now to be fair to Rhianna I hate “Umbrella,” but I love “Disturbia.” It isn’t …

Jane Austen + zombies+ genius

Jane Austen + zombies+ genius
This is the article I found at The book was released on 4/6, and I ordered my copy today. With today's find I could not resist the Zombie invasion Plinky prompt!!  See Speaking of Zombies for more Zombie fun

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Speaking of Zombies...

This folks is purely for entertainment purposes!! If you can't have fun with your own blog what good is it??

Well to be quite honest, I am pretty unprepared for a zombie attack. I have not procured my zombie survival kit. I live on the first floor of my building, and I do not own a bicycle.

I have no way to take off their heads. If they rush my building, and I make it to the second floor, I have no way to destroy both stair cases. You know because zombies can't get to a second floor without a staircase. Yes I have my car, but remember that zombies are zombies because of an infection. If it is an isolated outbreak, all I have to do is escape the contamination area in theory. However, we all know my car won't start at a crucial time and I will make better time on a bike than I will on foot. If it is a wide spread zombie epidemic, I will need to find a fortification of survivors. In that case, the same is true. My car will refuse to start at a crucial time and I can make bett…

Laughing Is Good

After the all the daily drama,there are a few things that make me take a minute, laugh and take a bit of a mental break.Sometimes that is all you need: A little moment that reminds you to not take life so seriously. The past few weeks have been pretty classic, but here are the highlights.

Last week I was at the laundromat. I try to go to on Wednesday nights because it is much less crowded then. Don't get me wrong, people watching there teaches me volumes. However, many nights I just want in and out of there. I don't want to wait on machines, deal with crowds, or get my feet ran over by a kid pushing one of those baskets. Last Wednesday seemed perfect. I arrived to an empty laundomat, loaded the $6 industrial washer and ran up the road to pick up some things for my Bashful Bunny. I returned just as my washer cycle was winding down. As I pulled into my parking spot I saw a woman dragging one of those large garbage cans on wheels through the door. She went over to the triple loade…