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We Made It A Year

As of just before midnight last night, we had officially made it through the first year of our relationship. It hasn't been rainbows and butterflies (or even unicorns), but it has been everything I hoped it would be.

It is hard to imagine I spent years looking for this happiness I wasn't even sure I deserved. I wanted someone who got me (and all of my quirkiness...and nine birds), and truly loved me.  I did eventually find it. It just took me a while to get all the pieces in place.

Mark and I met a little over  three years ago at a karaoke contest. He was a contestant. I was the judge and the photographer.  We were at first just acquaintances, but over the next year or so we became friends.

About a year and a half ago we we started talking more. We were still just friends, but we were talking back and forth on Twitter. When Mom died, many people said they would always be there for me. Surprisingly he was one of the friends that stuck around once the worst of the shock wore off…